Birth Photography Sessions

It's only recently that photographers have been allowed into the delivery room. 

For this reason, it is absolutely essential that Birth Photographers maintain a professional presence. 

As a Registered Birth Photographer and a member of the Cape Town Birth Photographers Association, we are taught the proper birth photography etiquette and follow a strict code of conduct.

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While you may have seen those "Extra-Ordinary-Absolutely-Amazingly-Jaw-Dropping" birth images floating out there on the internet, photographing a birth is much more than just capturing that "Wow" moment. 

There are so many small as well as big details that Birth Photographers capture. 

Birth is a huge milestone for women and it should be celebrated with photos. 

A million memorable moments happen between the "I'm still pregnant but maybe in labour" stage and the "Baby is here!" stage - 

and as a Birth Photographer I help you capture them all!

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E-mail us at justframemephotography@gmail TODAY 

so we can schedule a Coffee Meet-Up, coffee on us of course, and chat about our Packages, your Birthing Expectations, and anything in between xx

Please note: We only offer a limited number of Birth Photography sessions each year.
Due to the unpredictable nature of birth and being on call from around week 36, I am only available to book 2 births per month.
Therefore early booking is highly recommended.

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