Fresh 48 Sessions

The precious little baby you've anxiously been waiting for is finally here! 

A 'Fresh 48' Photography Session, or First 48, whichever you call them, have my heart! If you are expecting a little one, I encourage (only because it won't be professional of me to beg) you to consider booking a Fresh 48 session. 

The emotions of those very first few hours when a new life enters the world, are filled with excitement, love, joy and happiness. 

And as a photographer (and a mom of 3), I want nothing more than to document those very precious moments for you so that long after all those sleep-deprived nights pass, you can look back on these photos and feel what it was like the day it all began.

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'Fresh 48' is a special Lifestyle type of Session for families who want to capture those very special first few hours of their newborn’s life without having the hassle of a birth photographer. 

These 'Fresh 48' sessions are held within the first 12-48 hours of your baby’s life and are perfect for remembering that very first, very precious day forever.

These sessions are Documentary in Style, meaning this is not a traditional newborn session that will include posing the baby or bringing special 'props.' 

This will just be me Capturing you as Parents and your Baby’s Sweet New Moments in a Fresh Natural Way.

Each session is unique and special. No two sessions are ever the same.  

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E-mail us at to BOOK your very own Fresh 48 Session TODAY! We look forward to hearing from you! xx

Please note: We only offer a limited number of Fresh 48 sessions each year. Sessions must be booked 2-3 months in advance for planning purposes.